99. The Guyver: Bio-Booster Armour

Staff and Background

The anime is based on a manga of the same name by Yoshiki Takaya, who also wrote Project Zeoraymer. The anime was directed by Kouichi Ishiguro, a man who has done little else besides this series.

Main Review

KCUTLImThe story opens with our main character, Shou and his mate Tetsuro stumbling upon some nefarious goings on in the woods. This all ends with Shou bonding with a sci-fi device that turns him into the Guyver when he calls upon this. It turns out that the Chronos company wants the Guyver for themselves so they send mutant goons to get it back from Sho. If this sounds familiar that is because it is following the standard Tokusatsu formula as well as being incredibly similar to Baoh. However, Baoh is fun to watch while Guyver is kind of crap.

Being the kind of show it is the story of Guyver is predictably threadbare, it expands little upon the basic premise I have already set out. Similarly the characters aren’t much of anything either. Shou is a little whiney but ends up heroic, 4A47vFy.gifthe Tetsuro is supportive, and the bad guys are bad. This really is the kind of how where everything is there to enable some cool fight scenes, which is unfortunate because they are kind of lame. Despite some cool art stuff and the occasional bit of decent animation the majority of the show is quite poorly animated and has a quite boring design aesthetic. Don’t get me wrong, the monster design is pretty sweet and there is plenty of blood but that can’t carry a show. The action scenes especially suffer as they are built up to each episode and then are usually still heavy or just feel really slow, even watched at 1.5x speed the whole show felt slow. I think it suffers from being too long and too short. It is too short to have good characterisation and an interesting story, given the pace it moves at, but it is also too long to just be a fun bit of nonsense action fun, unlike Baoh which pulls that off perfectly. It is just a fairly disappointing production by all accounts. Even the music is a bit crappy outside of the OP, but even that is more fun at higher speeds. I’m actually a bit sad about this one because Guyver has a reputation of being one of the big anime when it started coming over to the West, mind you MD Geist is also on that list…


WabiumUOverall it is just a bit shit. This never stops being awesome and totally gross but that just isn’t enough. There is a sequel and a later TV remake so I might watch those at some point, but I’m never touching the original ever again. Really, just go watch Baoh instead.



Final score: 2G



One thought on “99. The Guyver: Bio-Booster Armour”

  1. I watched Baoh already, so I guess I got that covered, lol.
    Nice, 99 OVAs already, and most of them I didn’t know, even though I watched some in my life. It’ll also be nice to return to your blog once I watch some more in the future!

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