96. Roots Search

moira-roots-search-8.97Fuck me this show is awful, there is a reason why many list it as the worst anime ever made and director Hisashi Sugai basically had no career. The story is crap and somewhat incomprehensible at times, the characters are shit, the visuals ugly and baffling, the music God awful, and it seems to go on forever despite being only 45 minutes long. There is simply nothing good here and nothing I really want to talk about, but I suppose I must.

The story is a crazy mix of Alien, Sphere, and The Thing. vagmouthThis should actually be a pretty good starting point because those three films actually synthesise quite well together in terms of ideas…if done correctly. Instead we get a bunch of people doing psychic research on a space station, when say a bunch it is only about 4 people for some unknown reason. Moira is the only one that actually matters though because she can see the future and almost immediately sees visions of the future where all her crew mates die horribly, so that immediately takes out any tension and unfortunately this show isn’t interesting or inventive like Final Destination where you are trying to spot how the next person will die. After this vision alarms start ringing and they find a ship hurtling towards the station. They managed to corral the ship and board it. They find all but one member of the crew, Buzz, are dead and there is a vagina faced monster dead/asleep (they never babyclarify) lying on a medical bed. They actually do the smart thing and immediately jettison vagina face into space, bravo on them for not being totally stupid. Unfortunately, vagina face gets back on the station through unexplained means and starts killing people off as per Moira’s vision. While this massacre is happening Moira and Buzz suddenly decide they are in love despite knowing each other for all of 10 minutes. Moira then has a weird vision where the two of them run naked through a pink wonderland and hold a baby up to the sky, in what may be the most bizarre 2001: A Space Odyssey reference ever put to film. After this there is a bit more action and then the show ends…right in the middle of the action…with no fucking conclusion. It isn’t even like some other shows where you can see what the ending would have been, instead it just ends leaving you wondering what the fuck you just saw.

rootssearch5To be honest the only other thing worst mentioning is the art, which is obviously horrible. The character designs in particular are God awful. Seriously what the fuck is this? Why his eyes such a weird shape? Why does it look like he is wearing a wig? What the hell is that stripe on his lip? Why in God’s name is it so ugly. This basically applies to everything in this show, which isn’t helped by the fact it is barely animated, and what animation there is feels really awkward.

This was just the worst. Actually I lie, Violence Jack was the worst but only because it was so much longer and distasteful. But it was really really bad and, sadly, not in the fun way. Also, what on Earth does the title refer to? What do the various pieces of cover art refer too? What does any of this crap mean? Why do I do this to myself?

Final score: 1G



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