90. Cat Soup

So this short little experimental film is based on the manga of the same name by Chiyomi Hashiguchi, though the connection seems loose at best. The OAV was a co-creation between Tatsuo Satou (Atom: The Beginning, Nadesico, and Ninja Scroll TV) and Masaaki Yuasa (Kaiba, Ping Pong, and Tatami Galaxy) with Satou directing.

cat_soupWhat this OAV is about I could not tell you. Wikipedia has a great big plot summary but I caught none of that while watching it. To me is just seemed like a random bunch of scenarios that they animated with these cat characters. Visually they did some really cool stuff with a lot of heavily stylised drawings and some funky shots.However this just wasn’t enough to keep me engaged. I started looking for flights to see a mate halfway through, only glancing back at the screen with Cat Soup playing every 30 seconds or so. The visual creativity was not quite enough to make up for the obscure narrative and the whole thing just ended up feeling like it would have been much better as a series of 3 minute shorts or something. It was cool that they got to make this but it just isn’t very good and I’ll probably never even think about watching it again except to maybe throw up on the TV to play in the background during a party. It was boring and not visually interesting enough to make it worth your time in my opinion, so go watch something else.

Final Score: 2G



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