88. Bounty Dog

Staff and Background

As far as I can tell Bounty Dog (God that name is stupid and has nothing to do with the show) is a completely original production. The show was directed by Hiroshi Negeshi who directed such legendarily bad productions as Burn Up W and Borgman. He also directed a ton of Tenchi Muyo, not that I consider that a good thing.

Story and Characters

BountyDog14The story starts with what I assume are a bunch of mercenaries, the show never actually explains who they are, arriving at a colony on the moon. Our main character, Yoshiyuki, then meets a little girl called Ines who leads him into a mystery connected to his dead girlfriend, the government, and the dark side of the moon. Th big problem with this whole show is that it doesn’t have enough time. The central mystery, while not exactly original, could have been interesting had they had the time to tease things out a little and explain what the fuck is going on. The same goes for the characters; our main squad have zero personality and being bland isn’t exactly the way to make your show compelling. The villains are similarly dull only really being evil because they are evil. They attempt to do a light/dark balance thing, a bit like the Force, but it doesn’t really work because it isn’t explained. It is a shame because there are the seeds of something good here. You have a world that fuses both the Blade Runner sci-fi aesthetic with that almost cosmic horror feel that something like Dallos achieves. Then on top of that you have a plot that is serviceable, though will never be anything special, and characters that could be anything, because they are nothing at the moment. The seeds are there. Had this maybe been a full-length feature film or maybe a 6 episode OAV then it would have stood a chance of being good. As it is we simply get a show that is trying to squeeze in all its plot and a couple of action scenes without room to spare.

Audio and Visuals

bountydog1The visuals on this one are a bit…well…crap. I can see what they were going for but it didn’t really work. The whole show look like you have piss coloured tinted sunglasses on and any detail or variation is lost among the sea of piss yellow. There are some nice bits of animation in the action scenes but overall the animation is fairly weak. The music is pretty crap as is the dub, where everyone sounds bored out of their minds. The sub is acceptable but it certainly isn’t great.


This just isn’t a good show. On the technical side things aren’t good, with poor art design and weak audio, while on narrative side of things there simply isn’t enough room for the story they are doing. This is the type of OAV that really annoys me because it could have been good if it had just been given some time to let the story breath and to explore the characters. But as it is I have to advise skipping Bounty Dog and its stupid name.

Final score: 2F



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