87. Savings Soldier Cashman

Staff and Background

Cashman is a short little OAV based on a one-shot manga of the same name by Akira Toriyama, of Dragon Ball fame. The OAV was created for Jump Festa 1997 and was directed by Kadota Hidehiko who hasn’t really done anything major outside of directing a bunch of One piece episodes.

The Review

bcb113e3a8e6348fd89efb44d85c66caea481963_00So basically there is this low rent Goku looking dude (I honestly can’t even remember his name) who it turns out is an alien who crashed on Earth. His spaceship has broken down and is out of fuel, that fuel being gold. To pay for repairs and gold he works as a police officer. He transforms into Cashman (AKA reskinned Piccolo) who will save you and defeat the baddies for a price! One day baddies arrive so Cashman has to fight them, the fight takes up most of the show. This was clearly meant to just be a bit of fun with a light touch of satire but it still just falls flat. The action is utterly shit so you just have 15 minutes of crap DBZ style fights and I don’t mean crap for DBZ I mean crap compared to DBZ, so real fucking bad. You don’t care about any character involved, I mean you barely know them. Cashman is a kind of a boring character with his biggest trait being that he isn’t Goku.

Just don’t bother watching this. It may only be 15 minutes but even 15 minutes is a waste of your time. There is just nothing here, nothing of value and nothing entertaining.

Final score: 1G



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