85. Shin Getter Robo Vs. Neo Getter Robo

SG Vs. NG is a sort of sequel to the original Getter Robo that is sort of inspired by Getter Robo Go. While the original was a joint project by Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa Getter Robo Go was a pure Ishikawa joint. The OAV series was direct by Jun Kawagoe (Shin Getter Robo, Kuotetsushin Jeeg, Cyborg 009, and Mazinkaiser SKL) with Atushi Nakayama, Masahito Otani, and Keitarou Motonga as episode directors.

The OAV starts off with a battle against the Dinosaur Empire with Musashi piloting the original Getter Robo by himself whilst Jin Hayato and the various scientists try to get the Shin Getter Robo (the ultimate Getter Robo) to start. Sadly they run out of time so Musashi crushes his Getter energy core which cause a massive explosion which supposedly kills the dinosaurs and wipes out most of Manhattan. Unsurprisingly the rest of the world is now shitting their pants about Getter energy so the Japanese government takes over all the research and the machines, essentially banning them. Cut to 5 years later and the Japanese are building a new Getter Robo with Jin leading the team. This Neo Getter Roo runs on plasma energy which is god but nowhere near as powerful as Getter energy. Jin is looking for a final member of his team when he stumbles upon a lovely young chap called Gou as he fights a dinosaur in an underground fight. Yes the dinos are alive and ready to renew their attack! From there we follow the Neo Getter team as they fight off the dinos, meat some old friends, and introduce us to some new one.

I really enjoyed myself with this one. For starters the plot was rather simple and actually made sense which was a nice change after Armageddon’s incomprehensible mess of a narrative and Shin’s crazy ass fever dream, though I do still like Shin Getter quite a bit. The simple plot means we can focus on having fun with the action and the characters. The main characters are really solid version of your typical super robot good guys aka complete arseholes. Super robot shows have kind of always had arseholes as their lead characters so it is nice that this conforms to that trend, as newer super robot shows have mod away from that, but they do a good job of making them likeable dickheads. They have a bit of banter between them and a good dose of personality which keeps things varied and interesting. The one character I am a tad disappointed about was Ryoma Nagare because he wasn’t the psychopathic violent criminal we’ve come to know and love. Instead he was just a fairly normal martial arts bloke with Gou taking up the psychopath mantle. [This is the true Ryoma Nagare not the sane person we see in SG Vs. NG (Shin Getter Robo Spoilers).) The best character in this show are the King siblings. They are American super robot pilots who aid the Getter Robo team with their robot Texas Mack and their glorious way of talking.Can we just have an anime about them? They are just so wonderfully silly and I could honestly just sit there watching them all day long.

Of course the most important part of a show like this is the action and boy does SG Vs. NG deliver on that front. There is a nice balance between the hand to hand stuff and the giant robot stuff which gives it a nice bit of variety. Both elements are excellently executed with great animation, dynamic camera work, and top notch fight choreography. This is some of the best super robot action around. The music is also pretty dope with a banging OP by Jam Project that is used very effectively at certain points in the story.

Overall, this is just a really fun super robot show that you should go and watch. It is fairly newbie friendly it is also a good entry point into a fairly labyrinthine franchise. Go watch arseholes beating up dinosaurs using giant robots now!

Final score: 8B



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