82. Compiler Festa

This is a direct sequel/kind of conclusion to Compiler, which I wrote about here. It was directed by Yasushi Murayama who seems to have not done much, which is always a good sign! This episode is equally as nonsense as the first 2 so I’m not going to have a lot to say.

The plot setup is that the Council in the 2D realm has failed time and again to assassinate Compiler and Assembler (we still don’t know why they’d want to do that) and they’ve come to consider the 3D world dangerous. As such, they are going to close the gate between the two worlds. They have given our two heroines a choice: come back to the 2D world whilst having their lover boys’ memories wiped or stay in the 2D realm which will be deleted. There is also a mysterious figure who seems to be attacking the various characters from the 2D world. Oh and there is a subplot about Toshi going on a date with a character whom we’re clearly supposed to know (we of course don’t though) which makes Assembler upset. The whole episode ends up being one big long mess of people moping around and then ends with a big old fight. It is boring as hell to be honest. If I actually cared about these characters/knew who they were then maybe it would have been alright. But I don’t so I don’t.

The animation and stuff are decent for the most parts and the dub is actually quite good. However, that means fuck all when the narrative and characters have zero impact. As I said before, this whole compiler project feels like they took a long ass series like Dragon Ball Z and gave you episode 30, 63, and 94.

Just don’t watch this and don’t watch the first two compiler OAVs, it isn’t worth your time as it isn’t even the funny kind of bad. Thankfully I’m also watching the Black Jack OAVs, which are actually good, so I kept my sanity.

Final score: 2E



One thought on “82. Compiler Festa”

  1. I tried to watch one of the Compiler OVAs back in the day (can’t remember if this one or the previous) and couldn’t. You’re absolutely right, they’re confusing and boring. So, congratulations for being able to finish them – and warn your readers!


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