81. Compiler

  • Compiler (1994: Animate and Studio Fantasia) 2/2 eps.

toshi-igarashi-53097Where the fuck do I start with this one eh? Well I suppose with our 4 main characters. We have Toshi and Nachi who I assume are brothers given that they have the same surname in the credits but I can’t honestly remember them actually confirming this in the show, though I could be wrong about that. Toshi is the younger one, I think he is a high schooler, and is the quieter of the two. Nachi , on the other hand, is an office worker and a bit of a playboy, he certainly has his pickup lines memorised fairly well. Living with them are two girls: Compiler and Assembler. Compiler is fairly cold and blunt, almost a prototype tsundere, whereas Assembler is warm and lovey dovey. The four are matched up with Toshi and Assembler being an awkward couple of sorts while Compiler and Nachi clearly dig each other but can’t bring themselves to admit that to each other.

nachi-igarashi-53096Why are these four living together? I have no fucking clue. Why do Assembler and Compiler have such weird names? Errrrr, maybe their robots. I mean, they stick some sort of chips in their heads every so often and they speak about the ‘2D Realm’ sometimes. Oh, and they have superpowers. But nothing is ever explained. It is almost like they dropped you in part way through a series when all the setup had been finished but then didn’t actually give you enough clues or time to figure out what the hell is going on. It is very confusing and very distracting.

The two episodes have completely separate plots and tones. In the first episode the gang go to Osaka to stuff their heads. While eating up a storm a pair of women (robots?) who seem to know Compiler and Assembler attack. These two used to be men so there is a bit of comedy there but most of the second half of the episode is a big super powered punch up that ends up kind of in a kaiju fight somehow. It is supposed to be funny throughout, and it certainly had its moments, but for the most part the jokes didn’t hit for me. Maybe the reason for that was that I was desperately trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

The second episode has a completely different tone assembler-53098and is basically a romance drama between Nachi and Compiler as the two try to work out what their relationship is. It almost feels like an entirely different show from the first episode, which is super odd. The tone is different, there is way less of the comedy, and barely any super power were used, if any at all! I think I actually prefer it to the first episode and I could see it being a really solid episode if it were in a series where I actually knew who the fuck anyone was…

What confuses me is that the manga, by Kia Asamiya, only has 3 volumes. Is this how the manga starts? If not then why not start at the beginning? What the fuck were Takao Kato and Kiyoshi Murayama compiler-53095doing? Then again Kato seems like a fairly poor director, with all of his directing credits apart from a Major movie being average to terrible shows, while Murayama has done nothing of note outside of one episode of Death Parade and Haikyuu. Maybe it is the quality of the staff here or maybe Asamiya was super specific with what he’d allow to be animate. I honestly don’t know quite why this was made in such a confusing manner. The worst part is that the episodes aren’t actually all that bad. If it actually started from the beginning and explained stuff then it could be a fairly ok 90s rom-com like DNA2. As it is I simply can’t tell you to bother watching it.

Final score: 2E




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