78. Call Me Tonight

Staff and Background

This OAV is an anime original that is part of a tetralogy of OAVs made by AIC known as ‘Pink Noise’, though they are basically all unconnected outside of being a bit edgy. The OAV’s concept was thought of by Toshimichi Suzuki, who was the Bubblegum Crisis mangaka, but it was directed by Tatsuya Okamoto, who hasn’t really done much outside of directing this Captain Tsubasa film.

Story and Characters

7tZOlkcWhat you have to understand about this 30min OAV is that it is a satire. It all begins with a school girl who runs a phone sex company getting a guy, who phoned up, passed onto her from one of her girls. This guy has a problem, when he jacks off he sees lights and birds then his room and clothes get trashed. So she agrees to meet with him in a café where she proceeds to grind up on him despite him warning her otherwise. Surprise surprise he turns into a literal monster, but instead of running away she decides to help him! I think you can see the obvious point it is making and it does tend to be fairly blunt like this. It may be bunt but it is intelligent nevertheless, which Justin Sevakis explains much better than I ever could in this article. The show is hilariously funny throughout and managed to keep me very much entertained. I totally wasn’t expecting it to be a monster movie from the cover art but it was a nice twist, sorry I had to spoil it but it does get revealed like 2mins in, and the way they played with tropes of Japanese erotic horror were very compelling. One of the best decisions they made with the OAV was keeping it short. If it were longer the joke could have overstayed its welcome and they might have been tempted to start playing things straight, but luckily it is the perfect length and works really well because of that. One thing to note is that, because of the type of show it is, the characters never get particularly deep or anything so if you are looking for great characters this isn’t the show.

Audio and Visuals

It’s the 80s baby! Yes, everything 6CS17Xqin the OAV is deliciously 80s. The music is 80s as fuck, the fashion is the 80s, and the thing it is taking the piss of is a child of the 80s. But  I love the music, it is just so wonderfully of its time that I can’t help but be charmed by it. I can see why one might hate it but that just isn’t me. The same goes for the art design, if you hate 80s rom-com art design then you will hate how this looks. As for the animation, it is technically pretty good though there are a few hiccups here and there. The VAs do their job but are nothing special.


If you want a pretty funny and entertaining send up of gender roles and the Legend of the Overfiend type erotic horror in general then this is the show for you. Even if you’ve never watched that kind of stuff you’ll still know enough of the tropes to get the jokes, trust me. The only reason not to watch this, in my opinion, is if you really really really hate the 80s.

Final score: 7A



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