71. Black Lion

  • Black Lion (1992: Tokyo Kids and Minamimachi Bugyosho) 1/1 ep.

Staff and Background

101827This anime is based on a manga of the same name by Go Nagai, if I remember correctly it was the first manga he ever wrote (though not the first published). We have discussed Go Nagai at length before so I won’t say anything now, if you don’t know him then google him. The anime was directed by Takashi Watanabe who directed Heavy Object, Ikkitousen, Sanctuary, and Slayers so he is very much a mixed bag.

Story and Characters

The story of Black Lion is fairly simple. Nobunaga is being helped by aliens and so his troops have machine guns and stuff, he also has a ninja killer who kills all of the MC’s buddies. The MC, with the help of some other ninjas attempts to take revenge on the ninja killer. There really isn’t much plot here at all, just a simple tale of revenge. The characters are similarly one-note and, quite frankly, uninteresting. The whole show is kinda dull as the action isn’t crazy enough nor is it legitimately good enough to keep one 88784engaged. In fact I fell asleep while watching this, which about sums up my view of it.

Audio and Visuals

There is nothing to write home about in terms of the audio, the music is lacklustre and the voice acting is basic. The art is quite dull and ugly with the animation mostly being a bit shit, though there are some really nice animation moments


Even I, a big Go Nagai fan, found this one tough to watch. It was just ugly and boring. If you can’t sleep maybe check this out as it sent me straight off to the land of Nod.

Final Score: 2G


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