70. Twilight of the Dark Master

Staff and Background

Wl6kUMhThis OAV is based on a manga of the same name by Saki Okuse, who isn’t exactly well known. The OAV itself was directed by one Akiyuki Shinbou aka the guy who directed 3-gatsu no lion, Arakawa under the bridge, and the Monogatari series. So yeah, meh source material adapted by an amazing director.

Story and Characters

jFKvTJgSo the OAV opens in a cyber future with a woman having her arm ripped off. It then cuts to police hunting down a demon loose in the park, which is captured by some dodgy people. Then our MC and his buddy get involved with the woman and it all leads to some supernatural battles against demons. The story is actually pretty cool with some nice lore. It isn’t world shatteringly amazing but it is kinda cool and quite fun. The characters are also pretty awesome as they are just off of the usual archetypes. The big problem, however, is that it is all a bit rushed. If it had been two episodes of the same length then things could have been fleshed out a bit more and the characters really could have had time to shine. This especially true of the ending which has a ton of reveals. Overall, it is pretty cool but could have been better.

Audio and Visuals

The audio is pretty dope with WtbfXJ4some great VA performances and some nice music. But it is the visuals where this OAV really shines. It has Kawajiri levels of detail and smooth animation and it has some great fights. Plus, the cell animation really shows off the effects work. Overall it is just beautiful.


Like so many OAVs it is a really cool thing that just didn’t get enough time to bloom. In compensation it looks amazing but it would still have been nice to have had more time with the story and characters. Definitely go watch this one, it is just kinda cool.

Final score: 6B


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