69. Vampire Wars

Staff and Background

Vampire Wars is a one-shot OAV based on a series of novels by Kiyoshi Kasai, a dude who seems to have written quite a lot books though few appear to have made it to the West. The OAV itself was directed by Kazuhisa Takenouchi who seems to be a decent director having done episode directing for DBZ and having directed Interstella 5555 and One Piece Movie 5.

Story and Characters

KDSgXrMAll right, so this shit is insane. Our MC is a communist terrorist (remember the novels were written when the USSR was still a thing). He is in Paris when some other terrorists attack a NASA base in the USA, note that this only vaguely matters. Then the French secret service summon him by setting up his hooker friend, because of course he has a hooker friend. The French secret service hire our MC to investigate CIA activities in the area which are centre around a movie starlet. From here vampires and aliens somehow get involved…yeah fucking vampires and aliens. The story is bizarre to say the least but somehow it does remain coherent no matter how silly things get, and things get very silly. The characters are paper thin archetypes to say the least but they are fun to watch. I think that best describes the whole thing really; very silly and not particularly deep but quite fun. The one problem is the ending. It doesn’t have the most conclusive ending and it is quite clear that the story continues after where the show ends. It does have some conclusion but it isn’t complete.

Audio and Visuals

The dub on this is quite fun. It isn’t a Fn3jyFlgreat dub but it is that perfect amount of camp that the show needed and, as such, I prefer it to the sub which is more serious. The music for the most part is standard fare, neither good nor bad. The art overall is really good with that 90s realistic look they often went for. The animation is also pretty good for the most part, it isn’t top tier but it is well above average.


Campy, silly, nutty fun. That is Vampire Wars and all it is. I think it is definitely worth a watch, especially with a beer or two, as it is just one hell of a good time!

Final score: 4B


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