68. Bestial Warrior Psychic Wars

Staff and Background

This production was directed by Tetsuo Imazawa, who actually isnt terrible as he is also the man who brought us [Candy Candy](https://myanimelist.net/anime/2800/Candy_Candy) and [Emblem Take 2](https://myanimelist.net/anime/9837/Emblem_Take_2). The story itself is based off of some novel according to [Colony Drop](http://www.colonydrop.com/1991-ova-cartoons-where-no-viewer-you-are-the-demons-psychic-wars/) but I don’t have any info on it out side of that.

Story and Characters

du1.jpgOh boy, how do I explain this story. It starts off with our hero, ace surgeon Ukyo Retsu, removing some cancer from an elderly person. The cancer seems to be throbbing and growing in the container it is placed in but everyone seems totally cool with this for some reason. Ukyo is then in the woods at night and somehow ends up in a shrine which is then struck by lightning and is destroyed, but because Ukyo hugged a statue inside he is kept safe. Ukyo then, as the statue turns to ash, becomes a psychic warrior charged by the Gods, 5 women who look like nuns, to defeat the demons. The next day he goes back to the hospital and sits in his office for a bit. Quite suddenly he runs down the corridor with a glowing aura at super speed, punches through a wall, and finds the cancer has turned into a flying demonic starfish which is attacking people. Ukyo punches said cancer and kills it. From there on out the OAV is about Ukyo being the chosen psychic warrior who must kill the demons in a tale that includes love, betrayal, loss, and fucking time travel. It all ends with a bizarre statement from the Goddesses that leaves one quite confused. In essence it is fucking insane nonsense of the highest order. To be fair, I was giggling all the way through but I certainly wouldn’t call it good. As for the characters well Ukyo is fairly dull, the love interest is even duller, an there is no one else of note. The dialogue between the small cast is probably worse than the characters themselves with such glorious lines as “Is this mighty one really a doctor?”. In essence it is crap, however I was never bored which is always important.

Audio and Visuals

The music was dreadful and the VA performances uninspired. I hate to think how unintelligible the English dub must be considering how hard it was to follow the sub. As for the art and animation, well both were a shit show quite frankly. I really have no positives for this section. There weren’t even any cool monster designs!


This show definitely deserves its reputation as one of the worst of all the time. Having said that I did enjoy watching it. It is that good kind of bad that you can have a giggle at while enjoying a bev or two, as such I actually would recommend watching it. At least watch the part where the psychic surgeon punches cancer.

Final score: 1C


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